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This section will briefly talk about how to simulate Verilog. You can simulate Verilog that is either behavioral, gate-level, or back-annotated with delays. Behavioral and gate-level are done in the same way, but back annotate requires an extra system call in your Verilog. The first thing I recommend that you do is to create a "project. Like this:.

simvision tutorial

This will compile the verilog and run SimVision. There is more on SimVision in the Advanced Testbenches tutorial. Specifying -R on the command line will run it immediately and not produce the simv binary.

On bit machines, you may get an error message like this:. Verilog-XL does not support much of Verilog However, given that, it can be run in the same way:. To actually run the Verilog, you must now run it:.

VHDL Programming Combinational Circuits

Icarus Verilog seems to be more lenient on errors in Verilog code. You should make sure it compiles in NCVerilog too. For non-digital simulations, you can simulate a structural Verilog netlist in Ultrasim as well. However, you need to supply the spice subcircuits of the library:. Some waveform viewers and other tools accept VCD as an input. A VCD file is a vector change dump.

It simply has some or all of the signal changes over the entire simulation time. You can dump a VCD file from your simulation using:. The 0 specifies the number of levels to dump. The arguments to dumpvars are optional. By default it dumps the current module only, I believe. All of the simulators can be used with the OVL assertion library.

Each SDF format is sometimes different, so you may have to hack it to get it to work. Common incompatibilities are the dilimiting characters in hierarchical names, for example. Carefully watch the warnings! Note that you should not be using your unsynthesized verilog now. Jump to: navigationsearch.

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More Editorial. Embedded Software by Colin Walls malloc — just say no. Graduate Hardware Engineer for arm at Austin, Texas. Submit More Events. Description: Quick introduction to the Automatic Driver Trace features of SimVision including an overview of the signal tracing toolbar buttons, using those buttons to quickly trace to the root cause of any value trace X is shown in the demo.

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Also an overview of the preferences users can set to affect the driver tracing algorithms is provided. The demo also covers sending items between windows once your trace is complete. In particular, the schematic browser is used within this demo to illustrate the driver tracing capabilities. New Spectre Turbo Cadence Views: Enterprise Verification Solution Cadence Views: Privacy Policy Advertise.This page gives the minimum information needed to get SimVision running and simulate Verilog code.

For more details you can use the Cadence Openbook help:. SimVision is the graphical environment for Verilog-XL. It includes several components:.

Once you have the correct setup and your Verilog code ready you can use verilog filename1. The list of files is your project. Once you start SimControl the main window appears. You can get a command prompt only after your code has been compiled successfully. Otherwise you will have to correct your code and run SimVision again. You can access the following additional features the buttons below the menu bar :. It also shows the values of the signals in the current scope of the design.

This is a good starting point. This button also shows up in the Navigator window. You can use Navigator to browse the hierarchy of your design and select signals for the Watch Objects window. You can select the format binary, decimal etc. To use this feature select the desired signal from the Navigator or the Watch Objects window and click the Signal Flow Browser button.

Currently there is a license problem with this viewer.

simvision tutorial

You can use the Epic tools viewer instead information on this will follow below. This might be useful if you dump your variables in a file see below and use that file with the waveform viewer. Otherwise you might want to step and trace your simulation.

There you can use different ways to specify breakpoints - object signaltime or line code line. To use the Epic tools waveform viewer you will need to create a dump file with the variables you want to display.Opening of Cadence Building 10, Feb. Encounter 8. New Spectre Turbo Cadence. Running Cadence SoC-Encounter Enterprise Verification Solution Cadence.

Yoan Dupret, Managing Director Menta. Submit More Videos. Corporate Newsletters. Aldec Quarterly Newsletter Q3 More Newsletters. More Editorial. Embedded Software by Colin Walls malloc — just say no. Graduate Hardware Engineer for arm at Austin, Texas. Submit More Events. Description: Quick introduction to the capabilities of SimCompare.

SimCompare is a very useful feature for comparing individual signals within the waveform window or entire databases of waveforms using the SimCompare Manager window. Both are covered in this demo video. Firstly, the demo covers how a user can quickly create comparisons in the waveform window itself through simple selection of two signals.

The SimCompare Manager is then launched to perform a more comprehensive comparison of all signals within two waveform databases starting from a particular level of hierarchy downwards. The results are viewed in the waveform window in both a hierarchical and a time-based view.

The SimCompare Manager is used to tweak the comparison to verify whether the two waveform databases are, indeed, similar from a certain point forward and to track down what might be causing the difference. Finally, SimCompare is launched in batch mode to perform a similar comparison.Now that you have netlisted and compiled the entire design, you are ready to elaborate and simulate it. The AMS elaborator, ncelab, resolves disciplines, inserts interface elements, and creates a simulation snapshot of your design.

The AMS simulator, ncsim, then runs the simulation. Click Browse. Figure Tcl Script File Selection. Select the demo. Click OK to close the browser. The full path to your demo. This file sets a breakpoint to be used when SimVision runs. Click Apply. The Tran Analysis pane appears. In the Stop time field, type n. Ensure that the Spectre Options tab is selected. In the Analysis title field, type tran1. After these steps, the Tran Analysis pane looks like Figure Setting up Transient Analysis.

The first row in the table is a default setting for the entire design. Turning on Save and for row one is useful for small designs but saving all possible data slows down the simulation. Click Schematic. The Virtuoso Schematic Editing window becomes active.

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It has a message at the bottom indicating that you can select objects to be saved and plotted. Select the InP and InN net. Check both the Save and Plot columns for the two rows. Press Escape while you are still in the Virtuoso Schematic Editing window to end the selection of objects.

simvision tutorial

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SimVision Debug Video Series

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